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Brother vs Brother, Property Brothers, intense new season 7

The hit HGTV series Brother vs Brother is back with a bang! The 7th season of this Canadian reality show will be aired Wednesday onwards. This show is among one of the spin-off shows of the original PropertyBrothers franchise. It is directed by Jim MacPherson and Tim Grimes, along with Kristen Cole. Additionally, Tim Grimes is also the writer of the show. Brother vs Brother first premiered on July 21st, 2013. It has 6 solid seasons and the makers have now geared up to release the 7th!

Brother vs Brother, The premise of the show

In the original show, Jonathan and Drew were both assigned properties with similar structure and value. A complete renovation team was also given to them along with a budget of $500,000. Within the same time limit, the brothers had to completely change the look of the house. Moreover, the member with the poorest performance was eliminated every week. The last standing member would win the competition with a cash prize of $50,000.

From season 3, the concept was changed and the twin brothers directly competed with each other. Their older brother, J. D. Scott made quite a few guest appearances as well. Furthermore, in the new format, the twins would each renovate and purchase a property of their choice. The one who got the most revenue on his property was considered to be the winner. Besides, they faced weekly challenges, as well. The one who lost the challenge had to complete a dare.

 Brother vs Brother, Property Brothers, intense new season 7

About Season 7

Season 7 will be based on similar lines. As always, Jonathan and Drew will compete with each other. Although, in the new season, the twins will be entering the SoCal real estate market. The location chosen is L.A.’s historic Hancock Park. This might just be the most intense season yet!

Brother vs Brother was renewed for a new season on December 17th, 2019. The previous season premiered on May 23rd, 2018.

More about the show

As per sources, from the third season, the show started attracting millions of viewers. Above all, to make things tough, penalties for losing a challenge were more stimulating from the 5th season onwards. The show was such a hit that it remained HGTV’s highest-rated show for a long time. Additionally, proceeds from the sale of the newly-renovated houses are now donated to Rebuilding Together. It is a charity that benefits low-income homeowners.

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