Borderland 3 ’s DLC 4 : Psycho Krieg release date and time

Borderland 3’s DLC 4 : Psycho Krieg release date and time

Borderland 3 ’s DLC 4 is announced to be released on September 10 through the time has not been declared yet. From previous releases, we can assume that Borderland 3’s DLC 4 will also be released around 12 p.m. For instance, Moxxi’s Heist, Guns, Love & Tentacles, and Bounty of Blood all launched shortly after 12 p.m. on the day of its release. Putting end to the long wait of all the dedicated fans, Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fusterluck DLC will present a new story, new items, new missions, and a level cap addition. Gearbox has already equipped everything that players should expect in the coming expansion. Soon after the release of Borderland 3’s DLC 4 on September 10.

Borderland 3 ’s DLC 4 will take players inside the mind of Krieg

Borderland 3’s DLC 4 will take players inside the mind of Krieg, the resident psycho of Crimson Raiders’. Players will travel through Krieg’s rakish memories in the expansion. It will entail the Siege of Castle Crimson and Sapphire’s run that encompass a vicious train, and lastly, the Benediction of Pain, which will anatomize Krieg’s origin story. Moreover, Borderland 3’s DLC4 will explore how Krieg reacts after learning that Maya has died in the hands of the Calypsos during the events of Borderlands 3’s main campaign. Given the fragile mind of Krieg, Maya’sdeath will certainly impact on Krieg’s mind. Presumably, it will lead to many emotional moments between the two vault hunters.

Borderland 3’s DLC 4 will enable players to notice Vault Hunters together in new skins

Borderland 3’s DLC 4 will enable players to notice the crooked interpretation of their favorite Vault Hunters together in new skins, side missions, new legendary items, and Crew Challenges. Likewise, DLC 4 has increased the level cap to 65, presenting three more levels for players to aim for. Gearbox declared that this is the last planned level cap increased at least for the anticipated future. The gearbox will release either an in-game hotfix or 1.16 client update to enable the new content and add any extra features and fixes being implemented for all players.

Price of Borderland 3’s DLC 4

Borderland 3’s DLC 4 will be boxed in the game’s season pass. Sadly, players won’t be able to buy the DLC separately, but it is worth observing that the season pass will incorporate all four of Borderlands 3’s DLCs. The season pass is valued at $49.99, but various retailers are handing out discounts for it from time to time, and the price could go as low as $39.99. Furthermore, the season pass is also encompassed in the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions of Borderlands 3. This will regularly be on sale. Borderlands 3 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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