Xbox Series S, Microsoft is all set to release two new versions

Xbox Series S, Microsoft is all set to release two new versions

Microsoft is all set to release two new versions of the popular gaming console, Xbox Series S. The official Xbox Twitter account has confirmed that the new Xbox series S will be released alongside Xbox series X. There is no official release date yet although, the Twitter posts have hinted that Series S could possibly be released on November 10th. Brad Sams and Walking Cat initially leaked this model on Twitter last Monday. Later, the release was confirmed by Microsoft.

Xbox Series S – Specifications

An in-detail specification list is yet to be released by Microsoft. So far, it has been revealed that Series S is the smallest Xbox ever made. It is 60% smaller than Series X. Moreover, Series S will be completely digital, which means that it will not have an optical disk slot. It includes a high-speed 512GB SSD card. It will offer a maximum resolution of 1440p at 120FPS along with 4K upscaling. The Series S will also support DirectX ray tracing. Basically, this model is a mini version of Series X.

The Price Debate

As per the Twitter post by Microsoft, Series S shall cost $299 per piece. The same number was also displayed in the leaked videos. Although, there is a rumor that it may cost much less than the said price. If that is the case, there will definitely be a long waiting list to purchase the Xbox Series S! Nonetheless, after this news, some people are interpreting that Microsoft will reduce the price for Series X, too. Well, only time can reveal the real deal!

Other notable features

It is said that the Series S will include 4 teraflops of GPU performance. This is significantly lower than the Series X, which has 12 teraflops, and Sony’s PlayStation 5, which has 10 teraflops. It is also likely that this model will include a removable storage port. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

There are still many other unknown features that will definitely attract all gamers. Microsoft has promised to reveal new information soon. With the already-known specifications, one can assume that this will be a threat to all other gaming console companies. Xbox Series X will be a tough product to compete with!

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