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Washington fire spreads , Urgent evacuations in Bonney Lake and Sumner

Washington fire
Washington fire

Washington fire, In the Bonny lake area, a huge fire is flaming, due to the summer grind. The wind pushed summer to grind fire closure to the neighborhood. This has caused a major threat to the life of people living there, their houses, their farms are in danger now. More than 330,000 acres of land is been burned in Washington in the last 24 hours. Level 3 evacuation has been put to effect in the parts of Bonney Lakes on Tuesday.

Washington fire

The fire was not huge when it started. The fire started on Tuesday morning reported at around 50 acres. But due to the wind, the fire sparked and spreading at a fast speed, causing threats to locals and neighbors. According to the reports, the wind pushed the fire along with the ridge that parallels to SR14, between Bonney Lake and Sumner. Around 5.20 pm Skate Tiffany’s in Puyallup caught fire this afternoon.

Evacuation and extinguish

The fire started spreading more and Tacoma fire department takes action immediately. Both from the air and ground crew were battling to calm down the fire. Residents were evacuated on time from the area.
Level 3 evacuation was put in effect immediately in the parts of Bonney Lake and Sumner. Schools, childcare, and meal service got canceled the next day due to the heat, gusty weather, evacuation process still going on in the area. Around 8:23 pm level, 3 evacuation was still in process. Both the police and fire departments are in action.

Cause of fire

According to reports, the fire caught high flames due to This outbreak of fires on the Western side of the Cascades comes after high winds on Labor Day drove large, fast-moving fires on the Eastern part of the state. The smoke reached Seattle late on the holiday, a preview of what was to come Tuesday.

Such fire accidents cause major loss to the people house, especially their farms, field, their livelihood got destroyed by this. It affects both flora and fauna. Bad weather, pollution in the air causes breathing problems. People who live newt such area, that are more prone to catch fire should be very careful with their activities. We hope that in future no such kind of incident takes place.