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Halloween: Trick-Or-Treating not allowed in Los Angeles due to pandemic


Who doesn’t love Halloween? Theme parties, costumes, pumpkin, and all are just wow. Halloween is celebrated on every 31 October of the year, people are crazy about it. But this time It will not be celebrated as it was celebrated earlier due to the ongoing pandemic. Los Angeles County health officials have released guidelines for celebrating Halloween. This time It will be celebrated in a little different manner.

What is allowed

As COVID-19 cases are increasing with hue number, Halloween will be celebrated with maintaining social distancing. According to the reports, the number of people cases of COVID-19 in the county had jumped up to 249,241 with 6,036 deaths. So officials have to take action so that more cases come.
Things that are allowed this time are :
• Online parties and costumes are allowed, there are a number of the contest during Halloween life costumes contest or pumpkin craving
• Car parades are allowed but with public health guidance for vehicle-based parades.
• Drive through events can take place but the individual must remain inside the car only and drive through an area with Halloween display is allowed.

• Movie nights at drive-in theaters are allowed with the guidance given by public health drive-in movie theater.
• Dressing up at homes and yard with Halloween theme decorations are allowed.

Not allowed in Halloween

• Events like carnivals, live entertainment, festival are not permitted.
• Events like “trunk or treating” where children go from car to car instead of door to door are not allowed this time
• Gathering with a non-household member is not allowed.
• Door to door trick or treating is not allowed
Many theme parks like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios Hollywood has all canceled their events this time for the welfare of the people.

As Halloween is approaching and summers are going we all must have many plans for this occasion, we will do this we will do that, but as the pandemic is still going we need to be careful with it. We all want to meet our Family, friends, relatives during any festivals, but this time it is not allowed. Festivals come every year, so if we are fine and healthy can celebrate it next year. Health is wealth, so we should give our health the first priority and celebrate Halloween with the given guidelines.