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Travis Scott launches Merch From McDonald’s Collab Campaign

Travis Scott launches Merch From McDonald's Collab Campaign

Earlier, a gigantic announcement was made by McDonald’s regarding their collaboration with the American rapper, Travis Scott. Both the company and the artist are mutually beneficial with this enormous alliance. Reportedly, a few hours after Scott launched his much-hyped McDonald’s collaboration campaign, a line of march was also liberated to his online shop by the Astroworld artist.

Travis Scott McDonald’s Collab, a combo of food and fashion

The American fast-food company McDonald’s initiated a campaign with a collaborative approach towards the popular American rapper Travis Scott. This coalition of a giant fooding brand and an eminent rapper had a massive influence on the admirers and the excitement level attained greater heights. Just a few hours after the Astroworld artist launched this major hyped up alliance campaign, a line of merch was also liberated by the same at his online shop. The excitement level of the fans will certainly witness an increment to learn that the collection is pretty substantial. The drop delivers the previously teased t-shirt with the fry graphic present on the front with co-branding on the sleeve. Other noteworthy pieces that occupy further spots in the list are the bold ” Tell ‘ Em Jack Sent You’ tee, a tie-dye bootleg shirt, and an “I’m Lovin’ It ” pullover hoodie is also available. Now, this certainly contributes to a well-admired combo. For the first time, food and fashion make a grand entry together. A wide range of products is available on the online portal.

A cute and funky meal toy

The advertisement which was released today regarding the ‘ Travis Scott Meal ‘ features Scott as a happy meal toy of himself exhibiting the combo which he scalpers as his ” same order since back in Houston “. This is a very cute and innovative way of meal presentation with also a better business technique. The happy meal toy is an exact miniature copy of the rapper and the funky look adds a lot more to the authentic feel. This combo is not just a casual one with a Quarter Pounder combo available with a Sprite. It’s an unprecedented collaborative partnership across food and fashion. This technique is definitely very engaging and proves to be a fabulous deal for both food and fashion lovers.

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