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Peter Strzok, ex-FBI agent believes Trump is ‘compromised’ by Russia

Peter Strzok
Peter Strzok

Peter Strzok, former FBI agent has come out with a new book named Compromised: Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump. In this book, he has expressed that Russia might be secretly controlling President Donald Trump after the 2016 election. He claims that Trump is a threat to the nation. Earlier, the president had accused him of treason. He was later removed from the team that was investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server and was fired from the FBI.

Strzok’s allegations

Back in 2016, Strzok tried to expose Trump’s connection to Russia. Now, he is back at it but still has no evidence. Speaking of the 2016 presidential campaign, he claimed that the FBI and the Justice Department were shocked to find out that the president had found unlimited time to meet with Russians. Moreover, he said that they had enough evidence to prove that Trump had taken help from Russia to win the elections. Alas, he was fired just before he could do so.

In the book, Strzok has written that the FBI was forced to consider whether the man about to be elected would place the interests of the American citizens above those of the Russians. He has accused Trump of lying about his business dealing with Russia or Russian officials.

Peter Strzok: Trump and Russia

Strzok further explained what he thought the relationship between Trump and the Russian president was. He said,

I don’t think that Trump, when he meets with Putin, receives a task list for the next quarter. But I do think the president is compromised, that he is unable to put the interests of our nation first, that he acts from hidden motives, because there is leverage over him, held specifically by the Russians but potentially others as well.

He confessed to not wanting to investigate Trump’s case. He did so because Trump was acting suspiciously. One of the incidents indicating the same was when Trump failed to confront Russians officials. He refers to the time when Russia had placed bounty over American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Strzok on classified information

On being asked if he knew something confidential, Strzok expressed that he wasn’t interested in getting into that. He believes that there is certainly more to the story, especially in the Mueller report. Further, he anticipated that there are people who know things but choose to stay mum. He reflected on all the information obtained by the FBI, saying it would be a threat to Trump. He continued,

All of them would have been immensely damaging to Trump. And yet they never came out. And that’s if anything, that’s direct evidence that we were not out to get Trump.

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