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Medford, Oregon impacted by large fire,mandatory evacuations underway

Medford, Oregon
Medford, Oregon

Medford, Oregon impacted by a large fire. The constant increase in the fire of Ashland has been an issue of massive distress. Phoenix and parts of South Medford are among the areas that are getting badly affected by the growing fire that started near Ashland is now spreading to the north. Necessary steps are expected to be taken with proper evacuation plans to ensure extreme security.

Medford, Oregon: A deleterious situation

Mankind seems to be absolutely trapped with a series of deleterious situations. However if somehow successful attempts are made to deal with one problem, then at the next moment another tough situation makes its arrival. These unfavorable conditions are constantly challenging mankind in the worst ways possible. Already the entire world is dealing with a global pandemic i.e. Coronavirus. In such times, the adversity of the situation is increased by some troubling situations. A fire that was ignited near Ashland continues to spread to various parts. Parts of South Medford and Phoenix are among the areas that have been severely damaged by these extreme situations.

Quick evacuation

Quick and safe evacuations are being planned for the people stuck in these areas. This Almeda Road fire has been declared a conflagration. Proper resources are also being provided to those who are facing these circumstances and are fighting a strong battle against the fire. Evacuation orders made by the Almeda Drive Fire have been given an expansion into South Medford. The primary concern is to ensure enough security and safety of the people. Also, an urge is being made to the people to stay at their respective homes unless an evacuation order is provided. People are also asked to avoid areas like South CountyCounty including Ashland, Talent, and Phoenix.

Official statement

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is trying hard to ensure safety and provide better plans. An official statement was made by the agency in which they said ” There are multiple fire operations and many first responder vehicles. Public traffic is creating dangerous impacts. Please stay home and avoid all active fire scenes. Thank you. ” People were urged to stay calm and safe and be completely ignorant towards the fire-active areas until the evacuation plans achieve success.

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