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Earthquake hit New Jersey, 3.1 Magnitude Felt as Far as NYC


New Jersey got hit by a minor earthquake on Wednesday. The mother nature is showing its wrath this year by some on the other disaster. Already pandemic is going, we heard of fire break in the US now there an Earthquake is reported. The earthquake came on an early morning, Wednesday. Than fully, This was a minor shake with a magnitude of 3.1.

Details about the incident

Around 2 am on Wednesday, an earthquake was felt in New Jersey. It was a minor shake but its effects were felt miles from the epicenter. Even though some cities are far away they felt the earthquake. People as far away as New York City, Philadelphia, and Stamford felt the New Jersey minor earthquake. It didn’t feel like an earthquake, but sounded like an explosion or sonic boom, as per the reports. Usually, New Jersey doesn’t get hit by many earthquakes, but some minors only.

 New Jersey People response

People from New Jersey responded to the earthquake in a sarcasm manner and rude manner. They showed their annoyance as the earthquake hit at night at 2 am, usually people sleep at that time.

One of the Twitter user said: “why are the tectonic plates having a party at 2 am in New Jersey…c’mon now.

According to reports, New Jersey is less prone to earthquakes as it is away from the coastal area. Usually, earthquakes occur when slowly accumulated strain within the Earth’s crust is suddenly released along a fault.

Natural disasters can occur at any time on Earth. Although it was a minor shake people shouldn’t have joked about it. Disaster occurs when we play with nature drastically. Cutting trees, more pollution, industrialization are some bad human deeds in the name of modernization and evolution. Global warming is also a sign of what we need to introspect our actions. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people should be more careful and don’t mock natural disasters.