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COVID-19 risk lives of millions of children: UNICEF

The COVID-19 Pandemic changed the world order all of a sudden. The world is severely hit by the pandemic falls to face new problems arousing. In the new world order, everything went online from education to work. But this online culture is causing severe drawbacks to the lives of children; Says UNICEF.

Challenges on the way due to COVID-19

“Education is the only tool that can help to change the world” and help in making it a better and wonderful place for living beings. But what if a sudden change strikes and education becomes the cause of problems! YES!! You heard it right, UNICEF in its new report suggests long hours of children sitting in front of their computer screens, is dangerous for their health and development.

The long closure of school affected more than 1.5  billion children worldwide. The danger persists in their online exploitation and humiliation. Increased and unstructured timings can exploit them with exposure to violent and sexual content.

UNICEF calls for combined action

UNICEF hails a call with its partner organizations and pleas to Government, ICT Industries, and its partner organizations to bring out a solution for the problem. On the other hand, there are innumerable children who are lacking basic amenities and facilities of Proper healthcare, sanitation, nourishment, exposure to conflict(children of refugees), water, etc. Millions of children worldwide are at risk of dissolution and varied health problems after spending long hours online.

Commitment by UNICEF

UNICEF along with all its partner organizations ( UNESCO, ITO, UNODC, CHILDHOODUSA) have promised to work for the betterment of children by the following steps-

UNICEF ensures the reach of vital supplies and protective equipment to the most vulnerable communities. Working with its partners to ensure the contactless delivery of food, life-saving medicines, sanitation, and nutrition to the children. Supporting schools, providing advice to parents caretakers, and teaches to ensure the online safety of children.

Parents to ensure the devices of Children are having updated antivirus software, knowledge about the person their child is communicating online and rules should be specified about how when and amount of internet should be used by children. Schools to promote good behavior while online classes and interactions. ICT Companies and Industries to felicitate students with helplines and consultations if they face distress and need of help.

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