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Cargo analysis : Netflix new Indian Sci-fi movie a new concept

Netflix is a perfect combo, what other we need in terms of entertainment. Now it is coming with a new Sci-fi movie Cargo

Netflix has never failed to amaze us. Bollywood plus Netflix is a perfect combo, what other we need in terms of entertainment. Now it is coming with a new Sci-fi movie Cargo. Cargo has been played in MAMI and SXSW. It is directed by Arati Kadav, with the lead played by Vikrant Massey, he is accompanied by Shweta Tripathi. It is a sci-fi film in which mythology plays a crucial role.

Cargo Storyline

Cargo is a film that explores themes such as, the corporatization of reincarnation — and caste, all coated in a layer of slick modern sci-fi. It is a fresh theme in the Bollywood industry. Prahastha is played by Vikrant Massey. He neither a doctor nor an IT guy, he is representing as a demon, who has to deal with dead people. He is assigned a job to attend people who have recently died. He has to delete their memory, cure their wounds, and readies them for rebirth. The people who have died have no idea that they are no more, they are called cargo. The story gets more interesting when Prahastha is joined by a female assistant Yuvishka on the ship. She has the power to severe injuries of dead people.

Scripts analysis

The movie starts with a scene in which Biswapathi Sarkar’s character is shooting a commercial about loneliness. This movie not only revolve around life and death, but it introspects other human emotions also. This movie is totally different. Cargo shows that there is a treaty signed between Rakshasas and human beings to co-exist. There are not only humans on earth, but people also have an amazing superpower like icchadhari nagin a man with a tail.

Director and actors review

Vikrant Massey is an amazing actor, he has done an exceptional job as Prahastha. He is an effortless actor. Shweta Tripathi has also showcased her acting beautiful in this series. They both are a brilliant actor and their acting In Cargo’s story is like icing on the cake. Coming to the director, Arati Yadav is a newcomer director. She captures rightly that journey after death and reincarnation. Cargo will release on 9 September, today on Netflix. You must surely watch this movie, based on the sci-fi plus mythological concept.

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