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Barbie announces Second Edition of ‘Día de Muertos’ Doll Collection

Barbie announces Second Edition of 'Día de Muertos' Doll Collection

Following last year’s immediate fan base, Barbie is coming back with a second ‘Dia De Muertos’ collectibles doll. On Monday, September 7, they declared the release of the signature Dia De Muertos 2020 Doll designed by Javier Meabe who gave a captivating look that focuses on a stunning facial design along with a braided hairdo and blush-colored dress made with lace and enriched with tiny exquisite pearl work. the extraordinary frock partially reveals another layer of embroidery floral details with special attention to marigold flowers and skeleton accents which signifies Mexican Culture. A doll stand is also included along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Barbie honoring “Day of the Dead”

Barbie announced its first Día de Muertos doll the previous year with Barbie wearing a floor-length embroidered outfit splattered with bright colors.  The 2020 edition also recognizes the Dia de Los Muerto holiday which is otherwise known as “Day of the Dead,” celebrated in the United States from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2. During this period of time, prayer and honoring friends and family who have passed away are memorialized by offering them traditional food.

Good News for doll Lovers

Barbie enthusiasts can purchase the doll for $75 on Barbie’s official website or at other online stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The doll collection is designed by Mexican American designer Javier Meabe who was influenced by his personal background and family culture. Meabe has previously designed the first ‘Día de Muertos’ doll and the Jurassic Park “Claire” doll.

Javier Meabe’s Inspiration for this collection

Javier Meabe stated that for this Barbie collection he was inspired by the vibrant statues, jewelry, buildings, Mexican culture, which was very close to his heart since he was brought up in Mexico. this collection celebrates the moments of life, birth, death, zeal, and love. He introduced intricate floral works which included flowers like rose, marigold along with textures, and which he was inspired from Mexican artwork. According to Meabe, Little girls are inspired by the diverse Collection of Barbie, it eventually represents our community. Although Barbie is a doll, it empowers women, their dreams, their ambitions. He feels grateful to celebrate the diverse traditions and cultures through his work which ultimately reaches people worldwide.

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