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Xavier Ortiz, Mexican Actor, former Garibaldi member, dies at 48

Xavier Ortiz, Mexican Actor, former Garibaldi member, dies at 48
Xavier Ortiz, Mexican Actor, former Garibaldi member, dies at 48

Xavier Ortiz a Mexican Actor, Singer, TV host, Dentist, and Entrepreneur is no more. The producer and model have a restaurant named Santa bar in Guadalajara, Mexico. The diversely talented Mexican,48 bid final byes on 7 September 2020. The famous Garibaldi music member wore a free version of traditional Charro costume while singing modern versions of traditional songs. The Garibaldi group gained its name from Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City where Mariachi bands are evident. Garibaldi was produced by Mexican Tv Producer Luis De Llano Macedo at a Music Festival held in Acapulco. Coincidentally on 175 years of Mexican Independence Garibaldi first germinated.

Patricia Manterola’s ex-husband Xavier was 48. His friend and former partner Sergio Meyer confirm the demise. “With deep sadness and great pain, I report the death of my dear brother and a great colleague of the Garibaldi group and actor, Xavier Ortiz. My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and the art community” the tweet states.

Xavier Ortiz will be remembered

Ortiz a model and Tv host, well versed in the world of entertainment. Also holds education in Dental surgery. The actor had an economic crisis as a result of global economic depression as Coronavirus persists says ‘Ventaneando’, ‘he was also in depression’. The Veteran singer had to succumb to selling antibacterial gel, masks, and related items.

Ortiz and Manterola fellow singer of Garibaldi dated for 10 years and tied the knot in 1999. The couple had a 5-year marriage followed by a separation, where Manterola requested fans to give her space. The divorced couple still remained close after. Ex-wife posts a throwback picture saying”This is how I will always remember you, Dear Xavi, with that beautiful smile that infected everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you.”

Ortiz’s sister Olga Ramirez Tweeted her brother died of Suicide. Joaquin Lopez Doriga tweets a similar post. Ortiz married Carisa de Leon, but the duo proceeded for a separation in 2018. Carisa and Ortiz share an 8-year old son who is actively present in Ortiz’s Instagram page.

Ortiz’s contribution to the Film and TV industry was immense. His final role on TV was Romero in series Noir Bizzare. The Garibaldi group’s famous works include ‘Banana’, ‘Beats me’, and ‘La Venatanita’.

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