Travis Scott debut Meal at McDonald’s, rapper’s favorites on the menu

Travis Scott had collaborated with the Macdonald's. Yes, it true. A 23-year-old Houston rapper has collaborated with Macdonald's food chain.

Travis Scott debut Meal at McDonald’s, We all love Macdonald’s. It’s food, the vibe is just amazing. Now Travis Scott has collaborated with the Macdonald’s. Yes, it true. A 23-year-old Houston rapper has collaborated with Macdonald’s food chain. He will debut his own Macdonald’s meal. The meal will be offered from September 8 through October 4. Macdonald’s is a knowing food chain across the world. It’s not the first time that rapper and food chain have collaborated, earlier also it has happened

Travis Scott debut

Travis Scott is joining hands with Macdonald’s. He is releasing his own exclusive meal across the restaurants in the United States of America. The Travis Scott Meal includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese with bacon and lettuce, French fries with BBQ sauce dip, and a Sprite drink for $6. Travis has collaborated with the Macdonald’s on a new collaboration with his Cactus Jack music label. He has also designed a custom T-shirt for Macdonald’s employee to wear during the promotion. The first rapper celebrity to do this was NBA legend Michael Jordan in 1992. 

In support and in opposition about Travis collaboration

Some people are opposing this as according to them Travis doesn’t suit Macdonald’s. Many critics have noted that his explicit lyrics don’t match with Macdonald’s family-friendly vibe. We all are aware of the rapper song and its lyrics, sometimes it goes out of line. But the company is supporting are and giving validations for him. Scott is the key to appealing young customers, the company said on a partnership with the rapper. According to Company, Travis will be exploring more and more new opportunities to support charitable organizations during the month-long program. Travis has a lot of fans. And people will love to eat his exclusive meal. Well if he is doing some charity work then it’s good and if he is doing it for his album there is no harm in that. It can also be a publicity stunt for his upcoming album. People try new strategies, methods of promotion and if in this way, it will help someone then it’s a good step by the Houston rapper.