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The Venture Bros Canceled By Adult Swim After Seven Seasons

The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros, Creator Christopher McCulloch announces on Twitter The Venture Bros. will air no more. The Venture Bros is on the scrape-off list of Adult Swim after Seven Seasons. Is an American Adult animate TV series. The first episode pilots on February 16,2003 and getting a premier by August 7,2004. The series encircles around the adventurous lives of the Venture family.

The Venture show comprises of well-meaning yet incompetent teens Hank and Dean Venture. their underachieving unethical Scientist dad who is loving but emotionally insecure “Dr. Rusty Venture’. The Family’s bodyguard secret agent Brock Sampson. Sergeant hatred family’s self-proclaimed archnemesis and  Monarch a butterfly-themed supervillain. Originally perceived as a satire of a boy adventurer and space-age fiction. The show is an action-adventure series with elements of comedy and drama. The Venture Bros is Adult swim’s longest-running original series as per duration. The shows also possess record for the fewest seasons to produce a scripted show per year of continuous production. The series span over 17 years.

The Venture Bros Canceled WHY?

The series concluded on October 7,2018. McCulloch announced “Unfortunately it’s true Venture Bros has been canceled. We got the highly disappointing news a few months ago while we were writing what would have been season 8. we thank you our amazing fans for 17 years of your kind attention. And as always we love you”.

The adult animated cartoon series made a parody on superheroes and western culture tropes. The focal characters were a riff on the ‘Johnny Quest‘ Crew. James Urbanik also fared well to series remarking it as ‘one of his greatest gifts’. McCulloch states he was in the middle of writing Season 8 when news broke.

Adult swim mentions they were trying to look for a way to pursue series with Jackson Publick(McCulloch) and Doc Hammer. One alternate to continue the series would be HBO Max as sources disclose, but reality has a long way. Aficionados looked forward to understanding the relationship between Rusty and Monarch in Season 8, as both being brothers. The new dip in Monarch’s villain personality would have come out. But, for now, Venture Bros seem like a lost cause until it moves to another channel.

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