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Sudan’s fight against COVID-19 Turkey, Qatar supports

Sudan's fight against COVID-19 Turkey, Qatar supports

As all the countries are facing the global pandemic COVID-19 and fighting against it. In the positive gratitude, Turkish and Qatar branches support Sudan’s fight against COVID-19. The Red Crescent Society of Turkey and Qatar have sent their medical facilities to Sudan. Moreover, 1.65 million test kits and protective medical requirements have been dropped to the health ministry of Sudan.

Red Crescent Society

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has an agreement with the Turkish Red Crescent Society as well as with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) to build up the interrelations between these three countries. This agreement laid to begin a project to upgrade the efforts for Sudan’s fight against novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. QRCS governs along with its seven most significant principles: Humanity, Independence, Unity, Impartiality, Voluntary service, Neutrality, and Universality. All these three parties from Qatar, Turkey, and Sudan are working together in accordance with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent society. Currently, in the fight against novel coronavirus pandemic, all such organizations which are going with the ideology of Humanity came together to join hands to support the government’s health care system to face such a global crisis that is rising up so vigorously.

QRCS visited Turkey

A commissioned team from Qatar Red Crescent Society has recently visited Turkey to have a friendly and important talk upon the arrangements for the disposal of medical facilities provided to Sudan. Commission from Qatar Red Crescent Society compiled of the members like Secretary-General, Ali bin Hassan al- Hammadi, and the head of International relations and IHL, Dr. Fawzi Qussedik.Representatives of Qatar Red Crescent Society discussed give and take humanitarian co-operation universally with the representatives of the Turkish Red Crescent Society.

Aid to Sudan

Medical aid from Qatar Red Crescent Society alighted in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum, on Saturday. now another cargo plane with all other medical necessities reached to the Khartoum early Tuesday. At present, the country of Sudan is facing the total cases for coronavirus positives reached up to 13,437, and the death toll has the no. 833. as per the latest updates, 6,730 recoveries have been reported.


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