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Portland General Electric: Power cuts on Mount Hood, Portland

Portland General Electric

Portland General Electric, a major power cut was observed in Mount Hood and it was lights out for about 5,000 Portland General Electric customers on Monday evening. The action was done to minimize the risk of catching fire as the region experienced windy and dry conditions ripe for wildfires.  To ensure safety and to keep the situation in control, the decision was taken.

Lights out by Portland General Electric

The crews of the electricity board initiated the work of cutting the power at around 7:30 p.m. The forested area is along Highway 26 from Alder Creek and Brightwood to Government Camp. The effort is being made to minimize the risk of fire because of the dry, hot, and windy conditions prevailing in the respected area. PGE ( Portland General Electric) is trying to keep branches and other debris coming into contact with live power lines, which may cause a massive blaze of fire. Winds got into acceleration mode and picked up significantly on Monday afternoon, this brought smoke from area wildfires into the Portland- metropolitan area. This shutdown was planned to have a proper check on any major outbreak of fire and ensured the safety of the masses.

The idea behind the shutdown

The increasing adversity of the weather conditions forced the utility to take an unusual step. Utilities are hyper-aware of fire danger after deadly 2018 fires in California that were blamed on Pacific Gas and Electric, that state’s biggest utility. After lawsuits and criminal charges, PGE (no relation to the Oregon utility) agreed to pay a $13.5 billion settlement. The utility also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy from which it emerged in July. PGE plans to minimize these risks and thus is not hesitant to take any necessary measures. The Portland General Electric ( PGE ) also tweeted, informing the people about the further shutdown and also cleared their intentions behind the same. A tweet was made saying: “We are temporarily shutting off power for customers located in the high-risk fire zone near Mt. Hood. We do this to protect lives and property during these wildfire conditions. We’ll restore power as quickly as safety allows.” A clear cut step was taken by the company to deal with the hot and dry weather conditions. Safety and security of the lives of the people is the top priority and the company also took the decision by keeping this in mind.

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