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Oak Mountain State Park, 15-year old girl suddenly disappeared

Oak Mountain State Park, 15-year old girl suddenly disappeared

On Monday evening, a 15-year old girl suddenly disappeared while swimming with her family at the Oak Mountain State Park. Pelham Fire Department was called to look after the entire incident to one of the beach areas around 6 p.m. when the family lost all hopes to find their loved one in the deep water.

Oak Mountain State Park, A teenager disappeared

A family was spending some quality and fun time together while experiencing swimming together at the Oak Mountain State Park late Monday afternoon. The entire family was in a joyful mood, the kids were living the moments together. But the family was unaware of the fact that these moments are soon going to take the form of a tragic incident. Everything was going smoothly, suddenly at 5:30 p.m. the 15-year old member of the family disappeared. Initially, the family started searching for their daughter with ease, but when they were unable to have a sight of her for a considerable amount of time then a feeling of startle started surrounding their hearts. Eventually,  the Pelham Fire Department was called to one of the beach areas at 6 p.m. A report of drowning was filed and the search operation for the teenager commenced at the respective beach area.

The rescue operation was successful

The efficiently trained divers spent around two hours searching for the missing swimmer, who disappeared at Oak Mountain State Park. After two hours of vigorous searching, the victim was finally rescued by the divers at 7:30 p.m. in the evening and was rushed to Shelby Baptist Medical Center for further treatment. Shelby County Coroner Lina Evans made a confirmation about her office being called to the hospital regarding the case of fatal drawing.

Quick Responders

A quick response was made to the incident by multiple responders such as Pelham police and fire, park staff, and park rangers. A quick set up of searchlight was also done on the dock to provide a distant and efficient view during the night, while the divers were making a search for the victim. Kelly Ezell, Alabama State Parks Central District Superintendent, had a proper look on the entire incident and later a statement was given in which the official said: ” Our thoughts are with the family and their loved ones in during this very difficult time” No more information has been released regarding this, let’s just hope that the teen gets well soon.

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