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Jelly Belly founder announces Willy-Wonka inspired treasure hunt

Jelly Belly founder announces Willy-Wonka inspired treasure hunt
Jelly Belly founder announces Willy-Wonka inspired treasure hunt

Jelly Belly founder is giving candy factory in a nationwide treasure hunt. This hunt will be for the golden tickets. David Klein who is the creator of the company Jelly Belly says he is launching a series of a treasure hunt. He will be giving away the cash prizes and even a candy factory. For participation, the criteria are to pay nearly $50. Later they will receive a riddle to find the hidden golden ticket. The ticket will have a special code on it in their state. The winners will later be receiving $5,000 this all stated by the website. There is no eligibility criteria all the players can join the treasure hunt. Each treasure hunt game will have a location and start date. There will be ultimate treasure hunts and the winner will get a key known as – The Candyman.


Also, anyone who joins this treasure hunt will be eligible bro search for The Ultimate treasure. The treasures will be the key to the factory, and an all-expenses-paid trip and education to a candy-making university. However, each treasure hunt has strict limit of 1,000 participants, with no exceptions. People can join with anyone’s grandparents with grandkids even. There is no age limitation in the hunt.

About David Klein

David was born in Syracuse, New York. Later he grew up in Los Angles, California. He got a degree in law. But later she decided that he will grow into his passion. His passion is for candy. This was much more than any other ambition he had. Further, in 1976 he created The Jelly Belly and marketed it nationwide. He has always been a philanthropist all his life. He never fails to prove his love for people, his customers, and keep them entertained.

What David is doing that only comes from pure imagination. The way he is organizing a treasure hunt is amazing. This brand is also known for its off-the-wall flavors. According to the sources, this contest is also a celebration of retirement. The first riddle will be released in Georgia at the end of September. We wish that this will result in an amazing experience for the participants as well as for the owners of the company.

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