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High Wind Warning in Portland, multiple power outage

High Wind Warning

High Wind Warning in Portland. The meddling of Humans and the Environment gives birth to new problems. The recent increase in the fires and natural disasters says it all. A new victim is now the areas of Oregon and Southwest Washington. As per the weather reports suggest the place will be suffering from heavy windstorms and an increase in the fires.

The firefighters who are already fighting with the severe fires have to be more rigid to handle worsening weather.

High Wind buffet the entire region

The National Weather Service prompted the warning of High gusty winds after High winds of Monday and Tuesday. The conditions turned upside down when a windstorm hit the region of Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Approx 115,000  people suffered from a huge power loss in the region for the whole Monday night. Due to heavy winds trees limbed down causing power lines to be down. Many people reported such cases of trees being climbed down. The splintered limbs blocked roads in parts of downtown Portland and across the river on East Burnside. In one instance, a large oak tree fell just outside of a home in Southeast Portland. Around 8.30 pm the winds started to scrawl the weather turning it into like a horror movie scene. The winds hit between 45 mph and 60 mph.

After picking up a substantial amount of speed, The wind turned towards the east and brought up smokes and specks of dust of the wildfires to the city. This is for the very first time when PGE decided to curb down the power supply to prevent the region from fires.

The first-ever huge power cut witnessed

It was the time ever when Portland General Electric blocked the power supply for more than 5,000 customers near Mt. Hood. The step was taken to lessen the chances of the spread of Wildfires in the region. Portland Fire and Rescue says- The crew was busy On Monday night to respond Treefalls and branches hitting pedestrians.

Winds will be 15-25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph and up to 60 mph are possible on higher terrain. As a new warning issued by the weather department suggest. Anyone willing to spend the time outside needs to be vigilant with fire safety as stated by the officials.

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