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Fabian Cousteau, famed oceanographer dream project

Fabian Cousteau

The Fabian Cousteau Ocean Learning Center made a mega announcement regarding the formation of ‘Proteus’ as an underwater research station in partnership with Northeastern and Rutger universities. This grand proclamation has made many heads turn and the world is looking forward to this massive advancement in the field of Science and technology.

A huge scientific jump for Fabian Cousteau

Fabian Cousteau, often remembered as the grandson of famed oceanographer and documentary maker Jacques Cousteau is now going to attach a massive achievement with his name and is also going to take the legacy of his grandfather forward. Fabian has come up with a new ambitious project, it will be better to call this one as his ‘dream project’ that will allow the great mind to live beneath the water for a long duration of a month. Proteus is planned to be the first in a series of underwater research stations, which will enable scientists to study the world of the ocean in great detail and will also provide accommodation to the scientists in the ocean. The concept designs are outlined by Yves Behar and his studio fuseproject.

A look at the features

The efficiently designed underwater research station will be built with enough capabilities to hold 12 people for 31 days at a time which is more than any other underwater research station comparatively. The installation of the research station will be done 60 feet under the water in an absolutely protected area of the Caribbean Sea. It will be located off the coast of Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, and is planned to be built with greater advancement in the size of the next largest underwater habitat. Proteus is believed to be the continuation of the work started on Aquarius. Proteus will also host academics, NGOs, and private companies as well.

A statement from the man himself

The oceanographic researcher and environmental advocate Fabian Cousteau, the man behind this massive idea talked about the mega project, he said: ” I am just a crazy person with a dream.”  The genius also continued to speak about the project and said ” As our life support system, the ocean is indispensable to solving the planet’s biggest problems. Challenges created by climate change, rising sea levels, extreme storms, and viruses represent a multi-trillion-dollar risk to the global economy. “Cousteau says that only five percent of the ocean has truly been explored and there is a lot more to know and learn. This project is definitely a huge step towards a journey of exploring the ocean world more and is ultimately going to add abundant strength to the field of science and technology.

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