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California Fire Blazes 67,000 acres, Level 3 evacuations issued

California Fire

California Fire, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has declared Level 3 evacuation for the entire Crane Orchard Road, from SR 173 to the road end as Cold Spring Canyon Fire burns 67,000 acres. The largest of all 5 fires is the Cold Spring Canyon at 67,000 acres. The fire department is trying its level best to get a handle of the fire. A total of five fires are still burning on the Colville Reservation in Omak and Inchelium as per the Mount Tolman Public Information Officer Kathy Moses. According to Moses in Omak, the Sleepy Hollow Fire was burning a pile of wood chips when the wind began to blow at a high speed and it merged the Cold Springs Canyon Fire.

Three more fires endangering the lives of People

The amalgamation of Sleepy Hallow Fire and Cold Springs Canyon Fire is burning 10,000 acres. Along with these three fires in Inchelium, the Inchelium Highway Fire, the Fry Fire, and the Kewa Fire are also burning. Among these 3 fires, the Kewa Fire is the largest at 3,000 acres. According to Moses, because of the high-intensity winds, all aircraft are on the no-fly list until things normalize.

California Fire, at Cold Spring Canyon

State fire assistance has been asked to help control the Cold Springs Canyon/Pearl Hill Fire which is burning in Okanogan County. The fire is figured to be burning 8,000 acres and it still continues to grow. According to DCSO, the state mobilization was approved on Monday morning. The fire is endangering the homes, crops, and power lines and Level 3 will be continued in these areas.

The investigation is going on

The exact reason fire is under investigation. Fire Protection Bureau has ordered five strike teams and air resources.  According to the Crews, the Cold Springs Canyon/Pearl Hill fire near Cameron Lake in Omak is initially burning between Road K Northeast and State Route 17, burning south towards State Route 172. A combination of Level 2 and 3 evacuations are issued for people in the Hayes Road area and all residents east of Road H northeast towards State Route 17.

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