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“The Walking Dead” Season 10 Finale Will Be Available on October 1st

The Walking Dead

The season finale of “The Walking Dead,” a drama based on flesh-eating zombies ravishing the world, which was supposed to be aired on April 12, 2020, will finally be available on October 1. The broadcasters of the series kept the finale episode on hold due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Newly released teaser signals that the finale episode titled-A certain doom will live up to its name as the episode opens with series old-timer Daryl’s dialogue “We’re not all gonna make it through.” Producer Greg Nicotero says that people who say that they know everything from the teaser, are completely wrong since he feels that people’s jaws are going to drop when thee episode unfolds.

Reason For The Delay Of Broadcast

A statement released by the broadcaster AMC with regard to the delay of airing The Walking Dead said that it was impossible for a team of post-production to complete the post-production work of The Walking Dead Season 10 due to COVID 19 pandemic. To explain the post-production work he explained that it includes VFX, music, sound mixing, and sound FX, usually takes up to 3 weeks to complete with full working capacity in normal circumstances. Seems like COVID 19 affected every field of work.

A Glimpse To The Finale Episode

In the season finale of ” The Walking Dead,” If we take a glimpse at the scene where Beta (Ryan Hurst) and his battalion are getting ready to assault the hospital full of survivors could make anyone believe that it may not be possible for the hospital survivors to pull through again. Producer Greg Nicotero revealed that a lot of stuff is addressed separately with Daryl, Negan, Beta, Carol. The finale will also showcase the return of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee, as announced recently. Lauren, whose progress in the story as Maggie has been kept tight-lipped, was in touch with the crew in her real life. She said, “It felt like I never really left.” She added “I spent a whole month catching up with everyone. When it came time to reinhabit Maggie and act, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the crazy excitement of seeing everyone. It was amazing.”

Unexpected Turns Waiting At The End Of The Finale

Giving light to the storylines of the finale episode of the Walking Dead, series showrunner Angela Kang stated that the epic conflict with the survivors and the whisperers that have been witnessed throughout all seasons will be featured along with some new characters. Some interesting turns in the power dynamics of Princess, Ezekiel, Eugene, and Yumiko will be portrayed in the finale. She added that Beta will now be seen to take the leadership of his half and half Alpha/Beta face, now that Alpha is gone and people will now surely oppose Beta and the Whisperers. With Angela Kang’s statement, it appears like all the major players will appear prominently in action. Well let’s wait for the episode to roll on and we will get to see more of it.

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