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San Luis Obispo fire blazes 50 acres, evacuations lifted

San Luis Obispo fire

San Luis Obispo fire blazes 50 acres, Bush Fires in recent years has been one of the most dreadful natural disasters in the world. The sudden outbreak of fires has always been creating havoc to the commoners and the residents of the place. Calfornia is suffering from fires for many days. The constant torching fires led the state to seek help. The citizens along with the officials have been trying their best to cope up with the situation, but the conditions are still lagging.

The disaster continues

The state is still in panic as it suffered from different blazes of fire. Started from Aug 1, The fires still continue to molest the state and its citizens here and there. A few days back, the City of Vacaville, which is about 35 miles southwest of Sacramento. The city of 100,000 was ordered for its partial evacuation as of the advancing flames.

Sigh of Relief

A sigh of relief for the citizens came on Sunday as the real superheroes i.e the firefighters stopped the forward expansion of fire that started in San Luis Obispo. The residents of the place were also evacuated forcibly to maintain the well being of them. The fire triggered its way from Bridge Street and started spreading toward the South Hills open space. A tweet elucidated fire crews originally responded to a report of a residential fire before the vegetation fire started on Bridge Street. The bridge fire started to advance 50 by 50 spots after it reached vegetation. Flames chewed up homes and starting to advance with bushes on the landscape later advancing towards the residents. The videos of the fires went viral on social media handles.

Hard Work Paid Off

The fire officials and their crew evacuated as many people as possible, along with them in synchronization work were carried out by helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft that dropped out tonnes of Water in the burning areas. The hard of the officials and firefighter’s work was able to stop the further progress of fires in the areas.

Around 6:15 pm, The news of the successful stoppage of the fires came out through Twitter.

Around 7 pm, Twitter was full of appreciations for the firefighters.

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