Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders, 2-1,Timbers won their First Match

Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders, 2-1,Timbers won their First Match

Finally! Its a win, Portland Timbers won their First Match since they always claimed MLS is a Back Tournament championship. They defeated the host Seatle Sounders by 2-1. The credit for the win goes it all to both Eryk Williamson and Felipe Mora. And all of a sudden they recovered al their prior three losses of the match with a sudden heart-throbbing win.

Man of the Match

Eryk Willamson turned out to be the man of the match. He carried a blistering form in the encounter against Seatle on Sunday night. The 23 Old Williamson scored his first goal in the ninth -minute that helped Timbers to secure a lead. The opening strike being brilliantly taken by him was later combined effectively by Diego Valeri. In the 83’rd minute, he again rocked the ground by slipping it towards Felipe Mora. The Duo accomplished the game with a brilliant win at the end. Chilean as usual In many of his games forwarded the third goal.

Two Injured while Timbers fought to win

Two of the players of Portland Timbers were injured while the team led towards the splendid win. Sebastian Blanco MLS, who is the MVP of the Black Tournament was replaced in 5’th minute after he suffered from an injury in his right knee while encountering awkward concatenation with Seatles midfielder Joao Paulo.

Secondly, Larrys’ Mabial was withdrawn from the match when he suffered, with a sudden right thigh injury exactly at the half-time. The situation of the Timbers was then changed into a tense environment. The fans and viewers were excited at the point as the view charts show. The match was a treat to the eyes overall. The first half of the match seemed to be going on the side of Seatle’s but the second half changed it up all. As Portland became first to second the balls and also started to dictate the match, that caused immense pressure for Seattle’s. In the 82 minutes while multiple sounders were having a good look at the open net. Williamson and Mora turned the game upside down. Where Williamson provided the perfect ball to Mora and he scored his third goal pulling Timbers up by 2-1. Although Equalizer was propelled by The Sounders, Timbers closed the match with a well-acquired win.

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