Naomi Osaka, her mask highlight racial injustice at US open

Naomi Osaka's mask highlight racial injustice at US open

Former champion Naomi Osaka can be seen showing huge variety in her masks in her matches during the US Open. Recently the fabulous player was witnessed wearing a mask that aimed to highlight the prevalent racial injustice in the United States of America. Racial discrimination has become the new hot topic of the present paparazzi.

A look at the previous incidents

Nowadays the issue of ‘racial discrimination’ has been gaining a lot of eyeballs. The extreme brutality faced by George Floyd sometime before is not a thing that anyone in the entire world would be able to get over. Floyd was killed by a cold-hearted white policeman who performed the barbaric crime and killed Floyd by pressing the back of the victim’s neck with his knee. Due to which he gasped for breath until he lost all his strength completely. People were however trying to cope up with the incident, now a few days back again an incident took place with an African- American man named Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times in his back by a policeman. After this accident, the lower part of Jacob’s body has been paralyzed. This constant brutality of the police against ‘The Blacks’ has triggered violent protests all over the globe. We are living in a growing world, new achievements are being made in the fields of science and technology. With this constant increase in technology the world is becoming a global village and is coming closer. In such times a mistake of one country becomes a lesson for another. America is considered to be a superpower, but what’s the benefit of this title if the humans are lacking their humanity? If people are unable to treat a person in the right way just because of their skin color, then there’s no means of this technology.

Mask with a message

A lot of celebrities and people associated with various sports are also coming forward and expressing their anger towards this domineering behavior of the officials. Recently former champion Naomi Osaka took an opportunity to express her grief for the suffering of George Floyd and Jacob Blake, and also demonstrated her anger towards the toxicity of the white officials in a very unique way. In the ongoing US Open, the player was seen wearing a mask conveying the message to put an end to this absurd behavior. She made a clear aim to highlight the prevalent racial discrimination and injustice faced by blacks. Like Naomi, every individual should make an effort to prevent this social injustice at his/her own level. This toxicity against blacks is a major threat to humanity, due to which each and every human should be ashamed.

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