Mike Mayock on Lynn Bowden trade: completely a football decision

Mike Mayock on Lynn Bowden trade: completely a football decision
UK QB Lynn Bowden Jr. celebrates a touchdown run during the University of Kentucky football game against UT Martin at Kroger Field in Lexington, Kentucky on Saturday, November 23, 2019. Kentucky Football Ut Martin

Mike Mayock, Raiders general manager gave a clarification on Sunday evening, regarding the trade of third-round draft pick Lynn Bowden Jr. to the Miami Dolphins. The manager called it a complete ‘football decision’ and ridiculed the rumors of any kind of relation between the decision and any off-field issues.

Clearing the rumors

It’s been an eventful weekend for Lynn Bowden, who has officially touched down in Miami, Florida. The news made an arrival on Saturday afternoon where it was announced that the former Wildcat has been traded from the Las Vegas Raiders to the Miami Dolphins. On Sunday, general manager Mike Mayock made an effort to explain the trade of third-round draft pick Lynn Bowden Jr. to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the year 2021. He cleared the rumors by making a statement regarding the player. Earlier Bowden, received a whopping amount of 1 million dollars in bonus money for the Raiders was dealt in a football decision rather than any concerns regarding his character, as per Mayock. Also, a report was published on Saturday in the Athletic cited, stating the negative influence on fellow rookies such as Henry Rugs and Demon Arnette as one of the primary reasons for  Bowden’s sudden departure.

Mayock’s statement

In a conference call on Sunday, the major made a statement on everything that’s going on, he said – “Let me make a couple of points, number one; it was a football decision only. Character, off-the-field, the kid did absolutely nothing wrong. We did all our homework on the kid, off the field, he worked his tail off, he came to work every day. So, this was completely a football decision, it had nothing to do with anything else. Quite frankly I think the position change is a difficult one in any year. But it’s exaggerated in a COVID year with no offseason. So, you’re taking a kid that was a slot receiver in ’18, a quarterback in ’19 and asking him to play running back in ’20. Really the only other thing I’m going to say about it is it was my call. He was not able to play today at the level expected and because of that, we felt like we had to make a move. And again, it’s 100% on me.” Reacting on the same, Lynn said – ” Don’t believe everything you read “.

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