Matt Hardy Lands At Hospital After Injury During AEW All Out

Matt Hardy

Matthew Moore Hardy or Matt Hardy an American Professional Wrestler currently with All Elite Wrestling injured himself on Saturday 5 September. Rebecca Hardy, Reby’s wife took the matter in her hands-on All Elite Wrestling’s initial decision and judgment of letting Hardy return by questioning. Tweeting

“They needed additional imaging done after his CT. he’s still in the Hospital. 1000% concussion. Anyone with eyes could have told you that tho”

Hardy suffered a head injury in his wrestling match against Sammy Guevera at All Out on Saturday.

The venue assuming to witness Guevera puncture, Hardy, off the scissor left and through a table. However, the bump overshot the table. Hardy’s head directly smashing with the pavement in fury motion.

Tony Khan in a press conference states the match was on pause temporarily so the doctor could check on Hardy. Once the doctor gave a heads up the match resumed with Hardy coming out Victorious.

Panicked wife shares chat

As the wrestler gets hit in the match, the panicked wife sends a series of panicked texts to his phone.

The chat starts with Matt sending his partner a final text

“Love you”

As the AEW Wrestler plays his first “Broken rules match” with Sammy Guevera in opposition at AEW all out. With “Hope you enjoy” with a sarcastic smiley indicative of a wife’s joy in his husband’s career.

Reby responded with two quick texts in reference to viewing scissor lift match

“I love You”

“Don’t be dumb”

While no negligence was done, yet the player had a face-off with the pavement.

And wife sends in hurried texts to his phone,

“What the **** You practically cleared that table”

Followed by two more texts from the angry wife.

Medical reports claim the player is fine

Tony Khan CLARIFIES that Matt passed the Concussion protocol before the match and was thus clear by Dr. Sampson. Yet for precautionary measures, was taken to hospital. The reports came out fine. But the wife and fans are angry at the AEW for the events “repercussions”.

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