Lou Brock “Base Burglar” Of Cardinal Dies At 81, debut on Sep 10,1961

Lou Brock "Base Burglar" Of Cardinal Dies At 81, debut on Sep10,1961

Lou Brock, BASE BURGLAR dies at 81!

Lou Brock is the other name for ‘Base Burglar’. An amazing fielder and legendary speedster bid his adieu to the baseball world on 6 Sept 2020. Louis Clark Brock was born on June 18,1939, El Dorado, Arkansas. An American Professional Baseball outfielder. The dignitary flagged his 19-year-old Major League Baseball career with the 1961 Chicago Clubs. Nevertheless, his major Baseball lifetime is a dedication to St. Louis Cardinals as a left fielder. Brock made the first appearance on the field on Sept 10,1961, for Chicago Clubs. His farewell appearance to MLB was on Sept 30 1979 for the Cardinals. The legend milestoned his major days in September and so with his Farewell to the World. Brock’s best works include shattering Ty Cobb’s base-stealing record in 1977. The player had a record of 938 base stealing. Brock instated in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985. The St. Cardinals rewarded Base Burglar in Hall of Fame 2014. Brock served a Special instructor for the Cardinals. The star was an acclaimed Red Jacket.

WORD from other legends

Words of Red Schoendiest, Former Cardinals Manager.

“Toughest SOB I’ve ever seen.”

Mc Carver remarks on the Baseball stealer.

If Bob Gibson weren’t in the National League all those years, Lou would havew been the toughest guy I ever swa, met on a Baseball field.

Hernandez on the Legend’s works,

“I don’t think I would have made it without Lou.”

Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. mentions,

“Brock was one of the most revered members of the St. Louis Cardinal Organization and one of the very best to ever wear the birds on the bat.”

BROCK’S run with health and life

Brock’s left leg pertaining to his diabetic condition amputated in 2015. In April 2017 Brock had a Blood Cancer called Multiple Myeloma. Myeloma a blood cancer starts in the bone marrow’s blood plasma cells. On July, 28 same years Brock received happy news from Mercy Hospital that cancer was gone.

“Stealing is my game” Brock on his 1976 Memoir. “Take a modest lead” and “stand perfectly still” explained Base Burglar his success. The critics also acclaim how soft-spoken Brock never showed anger rather made his opponents play a rough game by his base stealing. The player had a hit of 3023 crossing the 3000 bar.

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