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Ethan Is Supreme YouTube star and influencer, dead at 17

Ethan Is Supreme

Ethan Is Supreme,17, YouTube star, Beauty influencer dead, suspected drug overdose, according to his father Gerald Peters. Ethan was found by his father at around 11pm in his bedroom. Gerald Peters is sure that his son died of a drug overdose but the officials have not confirmed it yet. He said, “He was a kind soul, who accepted everyone for who they were.”

A Rising Star, Ethan Is Supreme

Ethan Peters popularly known as Ethan Is Supreme is a YouTube sensation, make-up artist, social media influencer. On April 24, 2017, Ethan started his YouTube career. He had escalated more than half a million Instagram followers and more than 140,000 YouTube subscribers by 2019. Peters had a thriving meme account called Betch at which he escalated to 1.3 million followers prior to selling it for $25,000 at just 13 years old, before stepping into the world of beauty.

According to his best friend Ava Louise

Ava Louise, Ethan Peters’s best friend, and fellow YouTuber knew about his struggles with addiction on social media and he has been posting sources for those who are trying to get rid of substance abuse. According to her, the talented makeup artist, who hailed from Texas, had been battling with addiction. She opened up about how Ethan had started to depend on drugs in recent years to adjust to the pressures of being famous. She also said that he overused on the drug, which consists of the opioid oxycodone with paracetamol, used to treat mild to severe short-term pain. However, this claim has not been confirmed yet. She posted on Instagram that if she knew about bad his addiction was, she could have saved him. She further shared that he was a bright and smart boy who was above his demons and he could have got help.

The fans and make-up artists mourn the death of the rising star

Since Ava posted on social media about Ethan’s death, messages from fans and make-up artists have flooded her post on Instagram and other beauty spaces and communities. They are paying their respects and condolences; it’s a huge loss for all of them. Many make-up artists took Twitter to express their grief, they said that they knew he was a talented artist even though had a lot of mistakes, but he didn’t deserve such a horrible death.

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