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Donald Trump threatens to investigate the controversial NYT’s 1619 Project

Donald Trump threatens to investigate the controversial NYT's 1619 Project

Donald Trump is in 6hr limelight. Mr. President has threatened to investigate controversial NY’s “1619 Project”. The matter of about a curriculum in, California school, based on the controversial New York Times 1619 project. Trump is not in the favor of circulating this curriculum in schools, and even threaten to take away federal funding if they continue to teach this in schools. Several people are sharing their views on this historical debate.

What’s the matter

Donald Trump doesn’t want California schools to incorporate a curriculum based on the controversial New York times. Actually, this project was published in August 2019, a historical analysis of how slavery drove at that time and have shaped the United States of America. It tells the history of America, that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery, according to New York Times Magazine. The project was based on how the marginalization of African American history examines the legacy of slavery in contemporary American life. Nikole Hannah Jonas, New York Times editor magazine reported this and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary her work on the 1619 Project.

In the motion of this project

Earlier, when this project was published in NY’s magazine, it received a lot of applauding. Many educators, academics, and historians give a positive response to this project and appreciated it.

Not in the motion of this project

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the Department of Education will place an investigation on this matter. Two days prior to this, he directed federal agencies to cease anti-racism training that involved critical race theory.

Mr president tweeted “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!”

Now the department of education is on this matter and investigating it. Trump no way wants this anti-racism topic, which shows the dark side to America to circulate in California schools.

As the presidential elections are on the way, Trump is cleaning his image and speaking up on the topic like racism, equality, etc. What happened in the past can’t be changed but the way it should be portrayed must be appropriate. No one sentiments should get hurt by this. In the revolution of black lives matter, we should not support racism.

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