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Wildfire erupt in California, evacuation orders issued

Wildfire erupt in California, evacuation orders issued

Wildfire is been seen in California. California forests are burning with the wildfire. It is not the first time that the wildfire incident has occurred, but there is no full stop to such a Wildfire incident, which is totally devastating. Wildfire causes a great loss for both flora and fauna. And now wildfire is spreading in California. The authorities and local both are at work to prevent it from further spreading.

Details about the Wildfire

A wildfire occurred in East County brush fire, on Saturday afternoon. It has covered the area of 1,500 acres, a huge piece of area. According to the reports, the fire occurred around 2:50 pm in the afternoon in the Spirit Trail and Japatul Valley in the Alpine. After around 3 hrs by 6 p.m., the fire started running towards Lawren Valley to the West. At 8 pm, the wildfire was still burning with zero percent containment.

Extinguish of fire and rescue operation

California Department of Forestry has dispatched many helicopter and water tankers. A nearby school of the area also done a good job by setting up the Evacuation Centers. The name of the schools is Joan Macqueen middle school, which is located at 2001 Tavern Road in the alpine. The other name is Steele Canyon High school at 12440 Campo road.
Many helicopters, air tankers, to make a water drop from the air has been sent to the ground zero. Many firefighters are also a a place to stop the California Wildlife. Work from ground and air is going on to stop the fire from further spreading.

Cause of the California wildfire

The actual cause of the California Wildfire is not yet defined. But according to the group of homeowners, the fire started when the local resident’s tractor, which was of no use catch the fire and the tractor exploded. A small flame can start the wildfire, this was too a big tractor. It can be true also.

Every year, we get to hear about the Wildfire incidents. Wildfire causes major loss to both flora and fauna, several people’s homes, farms, crops, animals get destroyed by it. Mother nature also gets affected by wildfire. Pollution in the air, bad breath, loss of greenery are results of Wildlife. People who live near the area, which are more prone to catch fire should be very careful about their activity. A small mistake can cause a fire. We hope that no such incidents happen in the future .