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Power Book II: Ghost release date, sneak peak

Power Book II: Ghost release date, sneak peak

Power Book II: Ghost new release. Getting bored amid pandemic, want to see the new refreshing thriller drama? Books for dates, The wait of the fans of POWER is about to get over. US Network Straz finally shared a premiere date for its upcoming drama POWER BOOK II: GHOST, based on the hit series POWER.

The release date is out

The fans and followers of the series can finally have a sigh of relief. As in past the speculations of the drama being shut shown amid COVID Pandemic is finally put to an end after the release of date its launch are out and drama will be released for broadcast dating 6-Sept.; all across the world, on the streaming platform of Starz network i.e Starzplay. The fans are going to get there to be rewarded for their patience. The show will be broadcasted weekly both for the United Kingdom and the United States of America and for the rest of the world too.

New Characters are in

The total number of episodes as per the sources is going to be 10.  Introducing characters of MONET(Mary J. Blige), DIANA(LaToya Tonodoe), METHOD MAN(Clifford), and Davis Mc LEAN( Smith). Originally the book was supposed to be released in summer. But the final unveiling of the drama is being done now.

Trailer retweeted by many

The trailer just after its release is receiving lots of appreciation and comments among the social media platforms. Seeing the credibility and excitement of the fans the makers are on the seventh heaven. From the teaser, Tariq aims to bring his mother out of the prison, with the help of the lawyer Mclean. But the lawyer is not an exact professional and ultimately Tariq has to drum up for legal fees. Teaming up with Monet he sells drugs at his college, amid all this Tariq get a constant warning from FBI Lawyer  Cooper Saxe(Shane Jhonson)

Will Tariq become successful?

The future holds the answer to the question, but after a long time, the final release of the drama after prior grand successful episodes in the last seasons would be worth watching. The introduction of the new characters and storyline will surely be an add on for the viewers.

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