Michael Keaton turned 69, fans celebrate on social media


Its birthday time!! Micheal Keaton popularly known as  Batman turns 69 on Sept 5. The actor did notable works in movies like- Batman, Beetlejuice, Jackie Brown, Mr. Mom, Spotlight, Birdman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and rather more. The actor is returning soon on big screens with a film titled Flash, to entertain us all.

Good actor and a worthy Person

Micheal is a person who is tremendous in real life, also there is no shortage to remember the memorable roles he did so far in his career. He debuted as Dark Knight in Tim Burton’s Batman in the year 1992. He may have a lot of crimes in his movies but for his fans worldwide he remains to be definitive Bruce Wayne. Many actors played the role of Batman, but Micheal will always be remembered as the true batman. The way he portrayed the role no one else can still so that. This unique quality of connecting with fans who still remember him as Batman makes his contribution in the field of Fiction more impeccable.

Fans are happy

Fans message, well wishes, and admiration for Keaton have flooded the Internet. All the social media handles wherever Keaton is active are just full of Wishes and celebratory messages. He has been honored by his fans amid various ways- a fan of his writes on Twitter-” “Happy birthday Michael Keaton who will always be THE Batman (Yeah, Adam West was first and Christian Bale was iconic, but Michael Keaton was my childhood),”

Another fan writes- “Happy 69th birthday to Michael Keaton, the Batman of both past and present!”

Micheal is all set to return

Keaton vowed hi fans with his ability and skills of acting in 2014 when he starred in the movie, Birdman, which earned him the Best Actor Golden Globe Award. He was also loved when he gave the voice of KEN in Toy Story 3. Keaton will be starring in the upcoming movie Flash and The Trial Of The Chicago 7 along with Sony’s upcoming Marvel movie based on Morbius, the Living Vampire. However, it seems there is a lot more to go for Keatons and his fans. Happy Birthday, Batman!!

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