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Matt Sydal former WWE champion debut at All Elite Wrestling

Matt Sydal debuts at AEW All Out

The latest episode of the AEW gave goosebumps to its viewers. The former WWE Legend Matt Sydal who debuted with his full energy and charm was worth watching. Nobody expected his sudden return but view charts went to sudden hike after he entered the smash up.

Matt Sydal came but was not expected

Although Matt’s sudden experience brought a wave of shock to the viewers. He entered in number 21 as the joker card where the fans and viewers expected Miro To show off, but the appearance of the former legend took the match to the next level; but, the sudden slip created the moment that immediately broke the Internet Wrestling Community-wide open. But he jumped back soon, Before finally getting eliminated. Thankfully he was not injured on the day of his comeback.

The Internet met comments such as-

A wrestler never to be forgotten

Matt Sydal popularly remembered as Evan Brown is the name that could not be forgotten, as he bragged many of the titles like- One time WWE Tag Team Champion, Impact Grand Champion, Impact X Division Champion. He was also honored with the title of Best Flying Wrestler in the year 2008. There are many other titles and honors he earned in his long span of a career as a wrestler.

He tried hard but could’not make it

Although Matt tried hard to win the match but proved to be unsuccessful. His fall in the start made the internet stormed with comments and speculations started to rise up for his comeback was successful or it met its failure. Although the whole show was made the evening of WWE fans great and the rest the view charts says it all! Although the title of the Championship was gone to Lance Archer.

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