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Mars blazes by the Moon, witness the rare amazing sight

Mars blazes by the Moon, witness the rare sight

The Irish citizens are urged to step out of their house at 10 pm on Saturday night and at 6 am on Sunday morning as they will be witnessing a spectacular sight in the sky tonight as Mars blazes by Moon. Mars is said to be the brightest in the last two years.

Watch the Mars blazes on

Mars, which at the moment is in its unusual bright phase, is about to pass exactly beside the Moon on Saturday night and Sunday morning. This spectacular moment should better not be missed as Mars shines brighter than the stars surrounding it tonight. The lucky ones, having clear sky this evening, will admire the sight easily while others, who may not be that lucky to have a bright and clear sky may wait till December 2022.

Request From Astronomy Ireland

It is being stated by David Moore of Astronomy Ireland that this brightness of Mars is a very rare event and an even rarer event is the movement of Mars so close to the Moon. According to Astronomy Ireland, the sight will be spectacular even to the naked eye which is quite a distinctive event. Mr. Moore further urged the Ireland dwellers that along with watching the sky on Saturday night, they should set an alarm for 6 am on Sunday morning terming the morning sky as the ‘main event’ when Mars is about to be the brightest and extremely close on top of the Moon. Mr. Moore quoted, “Most people will have never seen anything like it, and it is a spectacle of nature not to be missed!”

Not to Happen In the Next Two Years

Astrology Ireland is urging people to experience the rare sight of as Mars blazes the Moon this Saturday night and Sunday morning as there will not be another event like this until December 2022. So it is better than the people of Ireland to come out and enjoy the view. It will be a spectacular night and morning view for the astronomers as well as the general public who loves and enjoys watching the celestial movements of the sky.


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