Baker vs Swole,Tooth and Nail Match, AEW All Out

Baker vs Swole,Tooth and Nail Match, AEW All Out

Baker vs Swole, AEW President and CEO Tony Khan has moved the “Without holding back” facilitate between Britt Baker and Big Swole from the All Out pre-show to the essential card on pay-per-see. Tremendous Swole appeared at Britt Baker’s dentistry office in Pittsburgh in style, being made a beeline for the front door in a Rolls Royce. Enormous Swole then “checked in” by attacking Reba who was orchestrated behind the front counter at the workplace.

AEW All Out Tooth and Nail Match

This match took place at Baker’s dentist’s office. Swole arrived at the main desk and she was Rebel so she attacked her and got her out of the way so she could look for Baker. Swole went into a room with a bunch of mini chattering teeth as Baker walked up behind her and smashed a framed diploma over Swole’s head. The “match” officially got started here.

Attempted to play out a molar extraction

Baker tried to perform a molar extraction but Swole hit Baker with a metal pan. Rebel also got hit with the pan. The match continued outside of the building and Swole pushed Baker into a bunch of boxes. Rebel was back to help Baker as Swole and Baker battled on the bed of a Rolls Royce. They also battled on the top of a dumpster and Baker hit the DDT on Swole on the top of the dumpster.

New Pre-show Match Announced

The match continued back inside of the dentist’s office and Baker hit a swinging neck breaker on the fall for a near fall. They traded some stiff uppercuts and kicks in a hallway and Swole almost got a near fall. They went into another room and Baker tried to use a drill on Swole but Swole moved and the drill went through a chair. Baker then tried to use novocaine on Swole but Swole turned it around on her and injected the novocaine into Baker’s leg. Swole hit the Dirty Dancing and then she put her to sleep with gas. That was a quick “match.”

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