Alistair Overeem comeback TKO win against Augusto Sakai

Alistair Overeem comeback TKO win against Augusto Sakai

Alistair Overeem won a hard-core battle. He had an epic comeback. He wins against Augusto Sakai. There were only 26 seconds in the last round. Alister Overeem always adds wins to his storied character. Overeem is a former strike force. He is one of the only fighters who have titles in both MMA and K-1 kickboxing. He is one of the most accomplished martial artists and one of the few men to simultaneously maintain successful careers in his field.

Brutal ground and pound attack

It was an amazing and tough performance. Alistair Overeem’s career might not go too far. He doesn’t have many fights left in his career but he is making them the best. He keeps adding the victory in his career. He had a brutal ground and pound attack to win in the UFC Vegas 9 main event. The victory also notches win no. 47 in Overreem’s legendary career. Though when he hangs up his gloves for good, he took a step forward towards the other run in the championship.

“Augusto’s a rough guy,” Overeem said. “He is going to take punishment. But I was very well prepared but we did it, again, at 40 years of age.”

Overview of the game

Sakai did various attempts to overwhelm Overeem during a couple of exchanges.  But he stayed patient while weathering the storm. Overeem had a couple of exchanges as he rushed forward with punches and knees in succession. However, Overeem continued to shrug off those advances from Sakai. He even tagged Sakai a number of times with power punches but he never allowed his defense to lapse. He had a very powerful fight against the Sakai. After many rounds, he keeps himself calm and fights with full dedication.

In the third round, even Overeem was not giving much volume in return but he played in full defense. In the fourth round, there were a couple of moments where Sakai gave up his back, which allowed Overeem to just to blast away from the top. Last but not least in the fifth round Overeem gave a series of elbows strikes to Sakai. He landed over him and gave an awesome comeback. Though Herb Dean came to rescue Sakai before any further damage.

Alistair Overeem cage

For 23 years Overeem is playing and he always gave an amazing experience to his fans. “The Demolition Man’ never get back to his feet. Even if he retired tomorrow his name will be in the “Hall of Fame“. In this game, he showed a wrinkle that most of the UFC fans didn’t even expect. He is always known for striking, and knockout power backup. This fight was a little technical but was an amazing game. This is the reason that Overeem is considered one of the best heavyweight fighters of all time. He never fails to prove it.

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