WWE SmackDown, Payback Fallout, Bayley Attacks Sasha Banks

wwe smackdown payback match

Many fans were waiting for the latest updates. Releasing the latest updates we are here to provide current news of WWE SmackDown. The main highlights of the day are Payback Fallout, Bayley Attacks Sasha Banks but the Title rematched, and Big the replacement of Big E.Have a look on them below

Payback Fallout

Roman Reigns, the new Universal Champion came into the view leading the SmackDown fallout from payback. Reigns joined smackdown recently with the announcement of his participation in the middle of Sunday’s main event after his contract signed to Payback. He has achieved the Universal title after conquering Bray Watt who is known as “The Fiend” and Brawn.

Bayley Attacks Sasha Banks

WWE Women’s battle was quite nice to enjoy the match with a remarkable view after the match. At the sharp ring of the bell all four, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Bayley, and Sasha started scuffling. Midway of the match, Baszler had her eyes on Bayley’s shoulder and splintered her arm back. Banks tried to divert Jax and Bayley thump a chop block on Jax. Baszler Showed her legalized figure in the match and endeavor the Kififunda Clutchbut Bayley encountered with a back suplex. Jax went wild and the finish came when Jax terminated up with the second turnbuckle. As they were moving out of the ring, barley came to lost her control and attacked Sasha Banks. After the match medical team came to have looked upon the whole scenario. But with the ending of the match, WWE Women’s Tag Team star Shayne Baszler and Nia Jax conquered over Bayley and Sasha Banks to regain The Titles of Champions.

Big E Replaced

On SmackDown last week, Big E defeated Sheamus in the match of singles. In the Fatal 4 Way match, Sheamus showed his anger for his defeat and reacted upon Big E vigorously and attacked over him. Then, Big E evacuated himself from a Fatal 4 Way match of SmackDown after getting attacked by Sheamus. Soon he was replaced by Jey Uro in the mid of the match against King Corbin, Matt Readle, and Sheamus who attached Big E. So, here were all the major highlights of the day of Smackdown.

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