Zozobra Burn This Year’s Gloom, Virtual 2020 Edition

Zozobra Burn is breaking a sweat burning this year's gloom
Zozobra Burn is breaking a sweat burning this year's gloom

Even in a year like this, when crowds can’t gather, Zozobra Burn is on ‘fire’. The Zozobra Burn is breaking a sweat burning this year’s gloom. Massive wildfires, nuclear faceoffs, global pandemic situations, hurricanes, civil unrest since the year started. What peaceful delight it would be to see this humongous marionette with all the dooms and glooms trembling apart.


Every year since 1924 on Friday before labor day New Mexico keeps up with the peculiar yet crafty tradition of burning Zozobra. Zozobra is a giant Marionette that stands 50 ft tall. Stuffed from past gloom and dooms ranging from divorce papers, photos, paid off mortgages, health records, and as tiny as parking tickets. This year the Zozobra was scorched with the novel Coronavirus. The Zozobra sparky in a bow tie and silver-grey hair. The bogeyman of virus inclusive of ping ponga and resin.

The fate of ZOZOBRA decided

The Kiwani’s club of Santa Fe this year set the fate of Zozobra for Fort Marcy Park. Viewers distanced from the venue. The police began closing the roads to pedestrians and vehicles a day before. An 8-10 pm burning of Zozobra was broadcasted, set to ignite at 9 with the usual magnificence and exhibits inclusive of fireworks warming the city. The first hour of the show went with the history of Zozobra, first crafted by Shuster. Zozobra’s fiery demise was never hushed, not even in the times of World war 2. Fans of the Zozobra burning also have the option of watching it on big screen at HIPICO Santa Fe with tickets ranging from $49 to $110 per carload.

Submitting the glooms

It is also possible to provide a gift of liberation. Just by filling a form of gloom liberation one can ensure as the monstrosity goes in flaring fumes so would their glooms.

Some 68000 glooms were present for ZOZOBRA on Friday.

In 2024, the Zozobra tradition would turn 100.


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