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‘Popstar’, Selena Gomez’s fans are not happy Justin Bieber’s Shoutout

'Popstar', Selena Gomez's

Justin Bieber has come with his new music video “Popstar”. Currently, Selena Gomez is going so busy with her upcoming “Rare Beauty”. Selena did not watch it maybe or didn’t notice but her fans precisely perceived the latest video of Justin Bieber who gave her a shoutout. After watching it fans of Selena seems unhappy.

Video and Fans Reactions

The lyrics of the video seem complimentary in itself if we look back on the last relationship between Bieber and Gomez which was “emotionally abusive” as per confessed by Gomez, people are now on their own thoughts regarding it. Bieber came out to clarify it without saying anything. He just mimics up Drake’s parts in DJ Khaled’s current music video for “Popstar” which was released on September 3. Plenty of reactions from the fans of Gomez on twitter came out over this video.

One fan tweeted, “Justin Beiber runs the Popstar Game and Drake knows it”.

Another user tweeted, “2020 and Justin Beiber Still has Selena Gomez’s name in his mouth”.

One user named Olivia tweeted, “Justin Beiber had to say Selena’s name in the Popstar music video… that’s kind awks”.

One more tweet was there mentioning, “One thing about Justin Beiber is that he’ll always find a way to get himself involved in anything Selena is apart of”.

On and Off again relationship

On and off again news of their relationship is like a complete chronicle to depict. They both seen together initially at IHOP and then in Feb 2011, they officially confessed their relationship and after then they’re at their red carpet debut at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party. But soon in 2012, they get separated with airing the fake rumours of her pregnancy and finally after long-running on and off again relationship they ended everything in 2018.

Apology of Justin Beiber

In his previous interview, Justin Beiber admitted and apologised, “In my previous relationship, I went off and just went crazy and went wild, just being reckless”. After his breakup with Selena Gomez and realising his mistakes he is now working on himself and building him to make the right decisions.

Gomez did not seem interested and did not give any comment over the music video of Justin Beiber at all.

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