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Mary Jo Buttafuoco forgives Amy Fisher “Long Island Lolita” for shooting her in a rage

*COMPOSITE* Mary Jo Buttafuoco speaks out in new documentary, says she forgives 'Long Island Lolita' Amy Fisher

In a recent documentary, Mary Jo Buttafuoco announced that she was willing to forgive her ex-husband’s teenage mistress who shot her in the head, but that wasn’t an easy decision to make. Amy Fisher shot Mary on May 19th, 1992. She was only 16 back then.

What exactly happened on May 19th, 1992?

Amy Fisher was a 16-year-old high school student who began having an affair with then-36-year-old Joey Buttafuoco, who was an auto-body repairman and had two children. At the age of 17, she went to the Buttafuoco residence in Massapequa with a .25 caliber gun. When Mary opened the door after she heard the doorbell, Fisher pulled the trigger on her and left the 37-year-old unconscious and bleeding. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors performed multiple surgeries on her all-night-long and managed to save her. However, they couldn’t take the bullet out. Amy was named as the “Long Island Lolita” by the press after the incident. She served 7 years in jail and was released on parole in 1999 on Mary’s request.

Mary Jo’s rehab episode

Mary admitted that she got so addicted to the pain killers that she had to go to a rehabilitation center. That’s where she finally came around and decided to forgive Amy. “For a long time… I hated her,” she explained. “I hated what she did, I hated that she came to my house, interrupted my life. The audacity of this punk to come and do this. The medication would shut me up… Then you get the anger again.”

 “It was kind of there that through the program they said to me, ‘You know, Mary, you survived,’” she recalled. “‘You’re alive. Now, what do you want to do for the rest of your life? Are you going to feel like this for the rest of your life?’ It was a slow process of realization. However, Mary specifically said that forgiving Fisher doesn’t mean that she validates her actions. What Fisher did was wrong and will always be wrong.

The Aftermath – and what happened to them after

Buttafuoco divorced Joey in 2003 after being married for 26 years. According to sources, after the incident, Joey spent four months in jail after he was indicted on 19 counts of statutory rape, sodomy, and endangering the welfare of a child. Mary remarried in 2010 and is currently in California with her children and granddaughter near her. Joey also remarried in 2005. As for Fisher, she married Louis Bellera and they had three children. She worked in the porn industry from 2007 to 2011. In 2015, the couple split up. Even though Mary has a comparatively peaceful life now, she still remembers the incident vividly. She revealed that being shot wasn’t the worst part. The media that followed later was.

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