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DJ Khaled’s POPSTAR , Internet flooded with Trolling

DJ Khaled and Drake visual masterpiece “POPSTAR”

DJ Khaled and Drake visual masterpiece “POPSTAR” music video is flooded with hilarious memes and reactions on social media, the internet continues with its jokes. Over the past few hours, the Internet has put the spotlight on tons of hilarious meme-worthy “POPSTAR” scenes. Drake received a huge amount of jokes based on his epic and unforgettable behaviour. The POPSTAR memes are too good.

Justin Bieber Channels His Inner POPSTAR and took over the limelight.

Justin Bieber turns into Drake in the new POPSTAR music video

In an all-new, must-see music video, pop superstar Justin Bieber keeps the limelight on himself makes an appearance, and raps Drake’s lyrics. The video features a slew of high-profile guests’ appearances including Justin’s manager Scooter Braun.

Drake and DJ Khaled’s collaboration

DJ Khaled and Drake have posted a new music video for their joint venture “POPSTAR.” The clip begins with DJ Khaled attacking Drake to make a music video for the track through multiple yelling video messages. Fed up, Drake asks for help from Justin Bieber to star in the video for him. “POPSTAR” producer DJ Khaled took a break from promoting their new team to share some deep thoughts for Drake. DJ shouted out the 6 God for keeping him rooted for more than 10 years with classic hip-hop anthems. “Before I post more things I want to take time to thank @champagnepapi for always showing me love and for working with me for more than a decade. We put out big anthems over the decade together and we always will we work amazing together. Now we bringing more coupon THEY head top for the new decade!! I cherish our friendship and I’m very grateful to have a friend and brother like you! THANK YOU DRAKE!”.

Drake touching praises on his Instagram page for Bieber

Drake made sure to his Instagram page to praise Bieber for collaborating with him for the video. In July 2020, DJ Khaled went to his Instagram page to laud his Khaled Khaled album songs’ recent success. DJ announced, “POPSTAR” bagged the top spot on both Apple Music and Spotify while Drake-featured “Greece” notched up at No. 2.

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