Chris Paul, Oklahoma City Thunder guard shared a message

Chris Paul, Oklahoma City Thunder guard
Chris Paul, Oklahoma City Thunder guard

Chris Paul, the Thunder guard of Oklahoma City, posted a video to Twitter thanking all his fans, followers, and organization while stating he does not knows what the future holds for him? The emotions were clearly visible as he remarked about the special bonds he made with some people of the organization and that he wishes will last a lifetime. The video is being shared and is also trending for a while!

Was Paul heading a goodbye?

Amid the loss of the match, the sudden message to say thanks have shocked the fans of  Chris Paul about things are brought upside down for him. Is he heading a goodbye or the superstar game is finally coming to end? The more the speculations the more are chances things getting worse for him amid so many unsuccessful attempts.

The speculations have been claiming that Paul being unsuccessful at times would be moved on after the offseason. The team is seen to be placing emphasis on recruiting younger and accumulating assets. General manager Sam Presti was seen trading both Paul George and Russell Westbrook’s last offseason.

The 10-time All-Star while sharing his heartful message with his fans has risen up the rumors of his first game that could be his last to play which he played in Oklahoma City.

With Paul being put together in a resurgent season (2020), It seems Presti would be surely entertaining trade offers and later handing over the reins at a point to the budding star guard i.e is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, on the other hand, the Milwaukee Bucks could pursue the veteran point guard perhaps.

Fans share their good wishes for Paul

The fans after watching over the emotional tearful message of Paul have been reacted by fans and supporters in certain ways, many have thanked him for the game he played so far, many have been seen blessing him with good health and future while many have written: “There is more to go PAUL”. The future holds the answer what will be happening with Paul whether he will be in or this message was a real goodbye?

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