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Bubonic plague, fleas in South Lake Tahoe tested positive

Bubonic plague, fleas in South Lake Tahoe tested positive

Bubonic plague, fleas in South Lake Tahoe tested positive, giving rise to a major threat. Few places have been closed for some duration of time. Also, the warning signs are being posted by the officials to make the citizens alert and careful about the adverse situation.

The arrival of another pandemic?

The entire world is fighting a battle with the global pandemic namely COVID-19 for a long period of time. After months of lockdown, people are resuming their work once again with basic precautions, but still, the cases seem to be in an acceleration mode. The United States is the most affected country with this virus is facing the toughest time. Amid all these concerns regarding coronavirus, signs are now up in parts of lake Tahoe warning people about the occurrence and transmission of the bubonic plague. Yes, you read it right this seems to be an arrival of another threat to mankind. The bubonic plague is a rare but serious bacterial infection that is transmitted by fleas. This severe plague is caused by a bacterium known as Yersinia pestis.

Warning signs all over

The incident that gave rise to this major issue took place in the South Lake Tahoe. The fleas of the area tested positive for the bubonic plague, after this several parking lots at the popular beach and picnic areas were closed down by the officials. A giant ‘closed’ sign now covers up the entrance of lake Tahoe. Tallac Historic Site, the Kiva beach picnic area, and the Taylor Creek Visitor Center were temporarily closed and the expectations are strong regarding the reopening of these places before the Labor Day weekend, as per the information shared by the U.S. Forest Service official. Roadblocks are working as prevention to stop people from parking in the area. Dozens of plaque cards are present prominently in these areas saying “plague warning”, ” plague mitigation ” and “closed due to bubonic plague in the area”.

Self precaution is the only solution

The US officials closed the area to apply insecticide, making an effort to kill the infected fleas. The government has also asked people to have a proper check over their pets. Dogs and cats can bring fleas into the home, so proper care is extremely necessary. The entire world is going through a rough patch and is dealing with some tough circumstances. During such times, self precaution remains the only solution to deal with such pandemics. Being careful and taking mandatory precautions is the need of the hour. As it is always said- ” Prevention is better than Cure “, in these times it’s very essential to be a responsible individual for the family as well as for society. Such an alert and careful individual proves to be a warrior in this battle.

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