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“BTK: Chasing a Serial Killer” on investigation discovery review

Interested to know about the Dark secrets of the human brain or want to know about the most prolific, elusive, and tremored serial killers of the American History, Switch on your TV Sets, Open Investigation Discovery, and TA DAA!! Here you are with the very subtle information, mindset, plans, and tactics that these goons followed to take away the lives of several people.

The show takes you to a deep understanding of the human mind and what causes it to take these several steps of killing and bad deeds. A very new episode that was broadcasted on 4 Sept included the story of Dennis Rader (BTK: Chasing a Serial Killer)

The guy who was a monster in disguise

The person whose ultimate wish was to be in the hall of fame along with Jack the Ripper and the Son of Sam. Unlike many killers, he also escaped detention as there was nothing to suspect about him, the twofold personality of a human has many variables, same was with him, he always wanted to be a dark celebrity and wanted to pursue the legacy of the same. The episode focused on Kerri Rawson, Rader’s daughter who didn’t have any clue the man who raised her was “a monster in disguise.” She says in the documentary how she used to maneuver her father, who she calls her best friend growing up, to keep him on his good side.

The episode starts from his first murder, to the brutality he did with his subjects till tormenting the police, also revealing as this was one of the cases that spanned post and pre DNA analysis era in crime scenes. In the ending scenes, the police gave him the fame which he always dreamt of, to catch hold of him. The show closed on footage of the victims’ families explaining to the court what the BTK cost them, but the documentary underscores how the families still continue to pay.

Serial Killer Week

Each night you can tune in for two or more hours and watch with the original programming that exposes some infamous, and some unknown horrific killers that lured and grew behind the masks of cultivated exteriors. From Confessions of Samuel “Butch baker” to “Philip Jablonski”, it includes them all. These specials and more have been premiering nightly at 9/8ct, starting August 30th in ID’s SERIAL KILLER WEEK.

Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel said-“These cases were chosen not just because of these macabre monsters, but this each investigation is a self-contained mystery, and each story has the potential to leave our viewers gripped to the screen until the final scene when justice is ultimately served.”

Mysteries are inline

The full programming includes

  • EVIL LIVES HERE – “I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS BLOOD” (Story of Shawn Grate)

  • THE 93 VICTIMS OF SAMUEL LITTLE(Story of Samuel Little)




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