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Bayley brutally turned on Sasha Banks,Acero’WWE Friday Night SmackDown

The longest reigning champion and the current women smackdown champion Pamela Rose Martinez, who is popularly known as (Bayley) along with Sasha Banks was brutally hit, by Nia Jax & Shayna Bazzle. The hit was a cross body hit on both women. The hit also hit a long-enduring friendship between Banks and Bayley.

Bayley and Banks The Friendship Over?

Although the knee of the banks was severely injured, the match continued with heart-throbbing ups and downs. After losing the fight to Nia Jax snd Shanya Bazzle. Bayley started to beat her former best friend Sasha Banks brutally, Bayley the very moment turned right after Sasha refused to seek medical attention for her bad left knee. Bayley directly grabbed the neck of Sasha. After the separation of  IIConins, Banks and Bayley are second-best friends who ended up on RAW. As for months, WWE was splitting up about the separation of both and it finally occurred.

After dominating the pandemic easily top women’s act on either Raw or SmackDown, The powerful duo of Sasha Banks and Bayley’s claimed every main roster women’s championship and finally headed into WWE SummerSlam.

The episode aired it all

Bayley and Banks were playing a  rematch against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax for the Women’s Tag Team Championship on WWE Friday Night SmackDown Episode but things turned upside down because Baszler and Jax retained their title when Jax pinned both Banks and Bayley at the same time on their lateral cross body off the second rope. After the match,  Banks was checked for her hurting left knee, Michael Cole pointed out that Banks was injured when she went for a double knee spot but ended up crashing into the ring post.

After the commercial break, Banks was still to be checked on by the trainers while Bayley was at the corner of the ring. Banks refused help so Bayley helped her up but, she started to attack Banks by stomping her and throwing her into the steel steps. The attack was continued by Bayley by working over Banks’ “injured” leg by the steel steps. All this continued for several minutes, but a few minutes later it aired that Bayley was taken away in an ambulance, to seek medical help.

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