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The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office issued shelter-in-place, Orcutt

Shelter-in-place warning issued in Orcutt neighborhood. The county Sheriff’s Office gets information about some burglary happening in Orcutt Foxwood Drive and Old mill Lane, which is located south of Santa Maria Airport.

Details about the burglary and shelter in place

Santa Maria Police department officers, went to Walgreen in the 700 blocks of North Broadway to investigate a commercial burglary. The sheriff issued a shelter in place around, Thursday night in the Orcutt area. The department alert residence of the street and ordered them to stay indoors as law informants are going on. After that officers arrived at the scene and found out that the suspect had forced entry into the business. The burglars stole an undisclosed amount of prescription medication. Around 5 am in the early morning, deputies started searching for burglars and call 911 to report if they found out any suspicious activity happening in that area or if they found any suspects.

The arrest of the burglars

The officers of the Santa Maria Police Department got notified that Santa Barbara Sherrif Officer has apprehended and arrested the suspects who were involved in the commercial burglary in Orcutt. Santa maria police depart officers went to confirm whether they were the same suspect or not The officers contacted the suspect and found out that they are the same suspects who perpetrate the Burglary at the Walgreen.

Suspects of Burglary

There were two people who committed the burglary in the Walgreen, Orcutt area.


Ramon Sustaita, a 19-year-old boy. He is a resident of Fresno CA.


This person is juvenile so no information is given about this person.

The case of burglary is still going on and investigated by the officers. Anyone who gets any kind of information related to this burglary is requested to contact the Santa Maria Police Department at 805-928-3781-2295. The shelter in place is lifted around 6.30 am in the morning as the suspects of the burglary are in custody. This incident has caused a little problem to the sheriff’s and the local resident of Walgreen, Orcutt. But the sheriff’s have done a great job and caught the burglars at right time. So we hope that no such robberies take place in the future.