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Tekashi 6ix9ine Honestly addressed About his Time In Prison On New Track ‘Locked Up 2’With Akon

Tekashi 6ix9ine has just dropped his new album, ‘Tattle Tales,’ which kicks off with a track about the rainbow-haired rapper’s time behind bars. In the span of five months, Tekashi 6ix9ine went from rotting in prison having a song on top of the Billboard Hot 100. Now, he’s releasing a model new album. The man born Daniel Hernandez, who many assume is the most important “snitch” in hip-hop right this moment, leaned into the “rat” label much more on Sept. Four with Tattle Tales. Fitting for an album with such a reputation, Tekashi laid out his coronary heart about how pleading responsible to racketeering and firearms prices — a court docket continuing that included a plea deal that required him to “tattle” on his former friends — led to his jail sentence, which he truthfully addresses in “LOCKED UP 2.” As an added shock, hip-hop legend joined Akon the music.

Takeshi make jokes

Takeshi 69 keeps making jokes about being called Snitch. Lanez erupted with shock and laughter when he read Tekashi’s comment. It begs the question if the rapper really has new music that he wants to release on Lanez’s show. He is on house arrest so it may be possible for him to be working on some new tracks.

The rapper was recently released from prison after being at a higher risk during the coronavirus outbreak because of his asthma. Even this is not the first time that the rapper joked about being called a snitch. He even changed his Instagram profile picture to an animated version of himself. He is sitting in a mousetrap and eating a piece of cheese. His Instagram bio also read “Why everybody calling me a snitch? I’m missing something…?”

Fans reaction

The remix features a new verse from Tekashi that finds him briefly speaking about his time in prison, fighting with his lawyer in hopes of gaining a better offer, and his regrets as a whole. Moments after the song arrived on social media, fans quickly fired shots at the song while condemning Akon for working with Tekashi. Some fans are really not happy about this remix. According to bro the sources Tekashi said that he never regrets the problems he always learns from life. Being optimistic is the key to success.

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