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Serial killer Phillip Jablonski murdered 5 women over 15 years

It is not a movie or any fiction serial, Investigation Discovery is all set to bring insights about the infamous serial killer Philip Jablonski aka The Deadly Urge Killer, in the show titled The Serial Killer Among Us. He murdered around 5 women in the course of 15 years. The exact number of murders is him is still a mystery. Not all the humans, in this world, are able to hold their distress and anger. Not everyone is as cool as the world expects. This dark side of human conscience makes the people rethink about the pros and cons. But the one who doesn’t think of all this, at times pursue things that are dreadful. Such is the story of the serial killer Phillip Jablonski, who was accused of 5 Brutal murders of various women, that encountered at times in his mortal life.

From wives to Acquaintances, he killed them all

The story of the brutal violence starts from the year 1968  when Philip returned from the Vietnam War and married Alice McGowan, at times he suffocated her until she became unconscious. He also assaulted her sexually at times. The year 1972, His lust and anger made him commit a huge crime, he raped his female acquaintance. Later he was convicted and arrested. He was captured when the lady ran to her neighbor’s house and called the police. By the year 1978, He was once again set free of the prison and he married Linda Kimball. The pair had a daughter. But on July 16, 1978, Kimball was found dead inside their shared apartment where she was brutally beaten, stabbed, and strangled. In 1985 he attempted to kill his mother with shoelace while she visited him.

Again arrested and serving for 12 years in jail for the murder of Linda Kimball, he was released on parole for good behavior in 1990. Later in the year 1991, he murdered his mother-in-law Eva Petersen and his wife Carol Spadoni who was shot, suffocated with duct tape, and stabbed several times in California. That same year 38-year-old Fathyma Vann and A few days later, 58-year-old Margie Rogers was also sexually assaulted and killed by him.

Destiny entitled him with death along with jury

In the year 1994, he was sentenced to death for the murder of Carol and Eva. But he was later kept in prison, He had always been on the death row since the year he convicted. In the year 2019, Philip was found unresponsive in his cell in San Quentin State Prison and was pronounced dead within minutes of being found.

Had many pen pals in prison

Many of the writers who worked for the reestablishment as a good human being with murderers have claimed Jablonski wrote and responded to their letters. Once such a writer claims “He was found to get married and then kill his wives”.Many people have been still seen selling his letters online.

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